According to legend, there were twelve artifacts of gods were left on DD Kingdom, those who found the artifact will gain infinite power.

People started a brutal war for the ownership of the artifacts. The war last for many years until twelve young man were chosen by the artifacts itself to be the master. The twelve young man are peace-loving artistic elites. All of them agreed to set up a Star Conference to protect the artifacts. Twelve young master divided their territories and the DD Kingdom has since been peacefully unified. There will be an annual meeting for the star conference to discuss the issues of DD Kingdom. To prevent the recurrence of war, the Star Conference stipulated that all citizens must not practice or use any form of violence. Since then, DD Kingdom has become a peaceful nation.

These twelve region in DD Kingdom are DD City, New Fair City, Wind City, York City, Grace City, Steam City, Ice City, Regulus City, Musique City, Peaceful City, Duke City, and Heart City. Each of the city has its own GM.

Each region has its own unique customs and cultures. With the lead of all the GMs, all the citizens in DD Kingdom began to pursue dance and costumes design, and gradually developed into a nation of music and dance. The fashion industry and other related industries are well developed in this nation. Hence, the dancers and fashion designers and music professionals are highly respected. Stronger DD Power means a brighter future, it brings wealth and honor.

As time passed, people forgot the terrible war, however the dark power that once existed slowly turn into another evil form. In order to gain more power, their conspiracy quietly began...